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Parent and teacher participation is crucial to a successful History Day program.
Students require adult support and assistance during the research and creation phase of their projects. The help adults provide can be directed in many positive ways while allowing the students to have ownership over the end result. A good rule of thumb to remember is: Adult advisors can do things with History Day students, but not for them. Prepare your child for the History Day path—don’t pave the path for them. Adults may:


  • Give consistent and continual encouragement, support, and guidance. Realize the main goal of History Day is to help your child use and strengthen critical study skills and learning habits.
  • Help narrow a topic or be a sounding board for ideas and research.
  • Provide transportation to research sites (such as libraries, archives, museums, historic sites) and to History Day competitions.
  • Guide students as they consider different institutions, research sites, and resources that might have information concerning their project (e.g., a maritime museum or a fisher for students doing research on Northwest fishing).
  • Assist with creating a timeline to avoid the last minute scramble. Consult with your child’s teacher to better understand the project schedule.
  • Familiarize students with rules and requirements.
  • Operate dangerous equipment, such as power tools.
  • Assist with transporting exhibits and props.
  • Remember: A History Day project must be the work of the student. For more detailed information on assisting with student projects, see the Contest Rule Book.


Each region has different deadlines for registration. Go to Regional Info to find your child’s region and registration deadline. Regional registration forms will be available online in the late autumn.

If your child has qualified for the state contest, the registration deadline for New York History Day is April 4, 2019. Papers web sites, and documentaries must be submitted by April 8, 2019 for judging. Registration will be online in the spring.

The National History Day competition is typically the third week in June. More information, including the registration deadline,will be available in the spring at www.nhd.org.