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2018 state contest info

Date: Monday, April 23, 2018

Location: Cooperstown, NY

Registration Deadline: March 29,2018

Paper Deadline: must be postmarked April 4, 2018

Documentary Upload and Website Lockout Date: April 4, 2018

Registration Fee: $20 per student

Tentative Judging Schedules are below. Please note that the judging times are subject to change. Students will receive their official judging time and location when they register.


2018 NYHD Award Winners

2018 Website Links

Entry # Url Title
17001 http://57846447.nhd.weebly.com Nuclear Freeze of 1982
17002 http://45285922.nhd.weebly.com Conflict and Compromise in the Christmas Truce
17003 http://41621893.nhd.weebly.com The Great Depression: The Wealthy’s Conflict with the Country
17004 http://87380740.nhd.weebly.com Oberlin College: Fighting for Abolition and Black Education
17005 http://36355721.nhd.weebly.com MARY TUDOR THE FIRST: QUEEN “BLOODY” MARY
17006 http://89887752.nhd.weebly.com Zoot Suit Riots of 1943
17007 http://25041691.nhd.weebly.com Brown v. Board of Education : Integration of a Nation
17008 http://31723146.nhd.weebly.com The Partition of India
17009 http://60042967.nhd.weebly.com The Iran Hostage Crisis: Surviving the Unknown During Political Turmoil
17010 http://91015119.nhd.weebly.com The Alliance that Connected Nations; NATO
17011 http://89716147.nhd.weebly.com Catching the Mouse: Deng Xiaoping’s Economic Reform
17012 http://80088141.nhd.weebly.com A DEADLY MIST: THE CONFLICT OVER AGENT ORANGE
17013 http://16727054.nhd.weebly.com THE 1916 REBELLION
17014 http://41405672.nhd.weebly.com Conflicts and compromises:Athens and Sparta in the Peloponnesian war
17015 http://66803420.nhd.weebly.com Conflicts that led up to the 1998 1999 NBA lockout
17016 http://58028725.nhd.weebly.com The Mexican-American War: How American Elitism Led to One of the Most Significant Wars in U.S. History
17017 http://61064406.nhd.weebly.com The 54th Massachusetts Regiment
18001 http://19711422.nhd.weebly.com Malcolm X: The Variable That Changed Black Power
18002 http://49964591.nhd.weebly.com A City Divided: The Berlin Wall
18003 http://95950860.nhd.weebly.com The Forgotten Story of the Ghost Girls: Conflict and Compromise Over Workers’
18004 http://89564947.nhd.weebly.com Women’s Road to Enlightenment: Coeducation
18005 http://19235124.nhd.weebly.com The Candy Bomber: How One Pilot Saved the Children of Berlin Using Chocolate
18006 http://54651603.nhd.weebly.com Battle of Yorktown
18007 http://29060274.nhd.weebly.com The Tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
18008 http://33385584.nhd.weebly.com Conflict at the 1972 Olympics
18009 http://30147710.nhd.weebly.com The Fight For Land
18010 http://81956483.nhd.weebly.com Chemical Catastrophe: Vietnam
18011 http://32519554.nhd.weebly.com Plebeians vs. Patricians: Conflict & Compromise in Ancient Rome
18012 http://74743375.nhd.weebly.com The Diamonds That Bleed Red
18013 http://25791033.nhd.weebly.com Shoot Me in My Sleep if the Rebels Enter Srinagar: The Story of the Maharaja’s Kashmir
18014 http://89685918.nhd.weebly.com The War to End All Wars and the Treaty that Ended It
18015 http://19235124.nhd.weebly.com The Candy Bomber: How One Pilot Saved the Children of Berlin Using Chocolate
18016 http://75280885.nhd.weebly.com Muhammad Ali:Defeating Racism
18017 http://39867636.nhd.weebly.com Religious Rights and Reformation: How the Rise and Fall of Huguenots Revolved Around an Edict
18018 http://64548620.nhd.weebly.com The Six Day War: The Fight for Peace in the Middle East
18019 http://99862364.nhd.weebly.com Doses of Conflict and Compromise: The Orphan Drug Act
18020 http://48463632.nhd.weebly.com The Creation of National Parks
18021 http://58037468.nhd.weebly.com The battle of Verdun, 1916: The battle with no compromise
27001 http://59428961.nhd.weebly.com Repression, Rebellion, Runnymede: The Writing of the Magna Carta
27002 http://52779747.nhd.weebly.com 444 Days: The Iran Hostage Crisis & The Fight To Bring Them Home
27003 http://31459386.nhd.weebly.com FROM RICHES TO RAGS, ATHENS AND THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR
27004 http://67275753.nhd.weebly.com The Soviet Union and the Czarist Autocracy
27005 http://41378236.nhd.weebly.com Marathon- With Conflict comes Compromise!
27006 http://31205251.nhd.weebly.com An Extraordinary Measure: The American Occupation of Japan
27007 http://94934289.nhd.weebly.com Fighting for Power in the Holy Roman Empire: Examining The Thirty Years’ War
27008 http://33321278.nhd.weebly.com Conflicts and Compromises of The Constitutional Convention
27009 http://67275753.nhd.weebly.com Russian Revolution of 1917: The Soviet Union and the Czarist Autocracy
27010 http://63200846.nhd.weebly.com A Smithsonian Battle: The Enola Gay Controversy
27011 http://99429462.nhd.weebly.com Dachau Experiments: The Chilling Bioethics After the Holocaust
27012 http://93395415.nhd.weebly.com Hoover Dam: Agreement Ends Conflict in the Southwest
27013 http://78423487.nhd.weebly.com Just Say No: How the Reagans sought to end the Drug Epidemic
27014 http://42382111.nhd.weebly.com A Terrible Beauty is Born: The Forgotten Heroes of Ireland’s Conflict for Freedom
27015 http://26911797.nhd.weebly.com The Japanese Constitution of 1889
28001 http://63334380.nhd.weebly.com The Tizard Mission
28002 http://50267844.nhd.weebly.com/ The Spark of the Downfall: The Sieges That Changed an Empire
28003 http://38513506.nhd.weebly.com Camp David Accords: The Road to Peace in the Middle East
28004 http://73643495.nhd.weebly.com Attica: The Battle for Justice in American Prisons
28005 http://33816528.nhd.weebly.com The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
28006 http://15530004.nhd.weebly.com The Draft War: the Conflict, Compromise, and Consequence at Home
28007 http://31161798.nhd.weebly.com Racism In the Trenches
28008 http://56248644.nhd.weebly.com Dissecting Japan’s success in a modern world; The Meiji Restoration
28009 http://46603072.nhd.weebly.com The Cuban Missile Crisis: Defusing the Most Dire Dilemma in History
28010 http://25225247.nhd.weebly.com The Danish Vikings
28011 http://13905402.nhd.weebly.com Howl at the Dawn of a New Era
28012 http://68084644.nhd.weebly.com Gallipoli Campaign

annual history day theme

Each year the National History Day office selects a broad theme for the History Day contest. Students may choose any topic related to local, regional, national, or world history, as long as his or her research and conclusions clearly relate to the theme. Judges look for evidence that the theme has been adequately addressed in all History Day projects. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a list of past and upcoming annual themes.

2017 Theme Book
2017 Theme Sheet

past history day themes

  • 2002 – Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History
  • 2003 – Rights and Responsibilities in History
  • 2004 – Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History
  • 2005 – Communication in History: The Key to Understanding
  • 2006 – Taking a Stand in History
  • 2007 – Triumph and Tragedy in History
  • 2008 – Conflict and Compromise in History
  • 2009 – The Individual in History: Actions and Legacies
  • 2010 – Innovation in History
  • 2011 – Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences
  • 2012 – Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History
  • 2013 – Turning Points in History
  • 2014 – Rights and Responsibilities in History
  • 2015 – Leadership and Legacy in History
  • 2016 – Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History



Special Awards

National History Day thrives when cultural institutions, schools, and the community come together in pursuit of educational excellence


If you are interested in Sponsoring a Special Award at the New York History Day Contest for the 2018 year please fill out the form found here 


A full list of 2018 Special Award Sponsors will be coming soon!


2017 Special Award Sponsors 


Abner Doubleday Civil War Round Table

Afro-American Historical Association of the Niagara Frontier

American Labor Studies Center

Cooperstown Graduate Program

The Farmer’s Museum

Fenimore Art Museum

Fort Ticonderoga American Labor Studies Center

Hanford Mills Museum

Healthcare  Award

National Baseball Hall of Fame

New York State Archives Partnership Trust

Town of Middlefield Historical Association