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Why Participate?


Do you think history books are boring filled with names and dates that need to be memorized? Did you know that history can be so much more?

Doing historical research can be like solving a mystery. You have a question and must use evidence to help determine the answer. By participating in History Day, you can take a topic of your choice and create an original piece of work.

History Day lets you become the historian and the expert. Conducting original research and presenting your findings allows you to understand how history affects our lives outside of the classroom. The work students produce for History Day is often looked upon very favorably by colleges and universities.

History Day is not about what you win, but what you learn.

Why are NY students excited about History Day?

Watch this short video to find out!


Why Should Your Students Participate in New York History Day?

Students often ask: “Why do I need to learn this?”

History Day answers that question by making history come alive with real world experiences. Students explore local, state, national, and world history through a topic that relates to an annual theme, which requires students think critically and determine their topics’ significance over time. As an inquiry-based, experiential method of teaching social studies, History Day enables students to examine a smaller event, person, or place in history and relate it to the national or international story. Through this avenue of primary and secondary research, students come to their own conclusions about historical significance, and gain a greater understanding of why learning about history is valuable. Educators look for those “Aha!” moments; with History Day, students guide themselves to these revelations.Among many benefits, New York History Day:

  • Provides teachers with an assessment tool that engages students in history and makes them excited about learning
  • Meets New York State Learning Standards in Social Studies and English Language Arts
  • Provides a context for the study of history in students’ lives
  • Bolsters student academic performance in several disciplines, including research techniques, writing skills, historical knowledge, creativity, literacy, communication skills, and college readiness.
  • Gives the possibility of awards at the regional, state, and national levels
  • Showcases student achievement to the larger community

The National History Day program has been authorized by the United States Congress, and is recognized as the nation’s oldest and most highly regarded history program for students in grades six through twelve.



Why should your child participate in New York History Day?

A History Day project is a lot of work, but what a child learns through self-directed inquiry is priceless! Students not only get a chance to learn and be excited about history; they gain confidence while presenting projects and sharpening presentation skills. History Day is also an opportunity to use a student’s creative capabilities to produce academic work.

Traditional methods used to learn the social sciences often leave students feeling disconnected with history. Students will become engaged in their own past through their History Day projects.