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New York State History Day is looking for historians, educators, and others to judge student projects at this year’s contest in Cooperstown, NY on Monday, April 29, 2019. Also needed are volunteers to assist with building and room monitor and general information registration.   Registration for 2019 judges and volunteers is now open.

Please click here to register for judge  

Please click here to register for volunteer

When you register, you will have the option of judging in the morning only, from 8am until approximately noon, afternoon only from 1-4pm or both morning and afternoon. Breakfast and lunch will be served, and you also are welcome to attend our BBQ Sunday, April 28 from 5-7pm, as our guest. Once we’ve received your confirmation, we will gladly match you with other qualified judges and assign you to student entries.


When you arrive as a judge or volunteer at the Fenimore Art Museum you will check in and receive your judging and volunteer materials for the day. Volunteers will arrive 7:15 am and judges at 7:45 am. Once you have checked in you will be directed to your location and when orientation is concluded, you will head to your assigned judging and monitor locations to prepare for the first entry.

Entries are scheduled at specific time intervals, depending on which category you are judging. There will be a door monitor to assist with keeping everyone on schedule.

Once the last entry in your judging group has finished, you and your judging teammates will go to Judges’ Headquarters. There you will be able to enjoy lunch. You will also be able to discuss comments and ratings to come to a conclusion about the final overall rankings for the entries in your group. You will hand in the “Ranking Form” as soon as possible. You and your teammates can continue writing comments after the “Ranking Form” has been turned in. Once you are completely finished, you must hand in all evaluation forms, process papers, bibliographies, and any other papers you may have to the NYHD staff.

Around 1:30 Run-off judges will receive their information and head to their assigned judging locations. Once the last entry in your judging group has finished you will return back to Judges’ Headquarters to discuss comments and rankings and fill out the “Run-Off Ranking Form” and comment sheets.