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Project Categories


Outline your script. It should include both your verbal commentary and storyboard of video clips, images, and audio. In order to make your argument in an organized way, think about introducing the topic, presenting your evidence, and show how it supports your conclusion.


Outline your script. Make sure the performance is backed by your primary research and dramatically portrays your conclusion. Add your conclusion into the performance without saying “My conclusion is.” With a performance, consider sets, stage movement (called “blocking” in theater) and props.


Start with an outline. It will consist of a introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Ask yourself these questions: How will I lay out my argument? In what order will I present my research and information?


Web Sites are now an official National History Day category. You must create your website useing Natinal History Days Weebly portal at http://nhd.weebly.com . Start with an outline it should include both a writen script and images that support your conclusion.


Gather the images that support your conclusion. An exhibit is a visual story and the text created helps the viewer understand the message. Consider a layout that clearly expresses your conclusion, whether it is chronological or shows opposing viewpoints. The visual layout is important, only second to content and research.

Project Samples

Check out the National History Day website for project samples.